The 365 Mindset

Stress, Emotions & Mindset

Stress Emotions are great; don’t get me wrong, I am the first to cry when I am mad, upset, hurt, or happy. But when you’re in a situation in which work needs to get done, put those emotions aside. Emotions can cloud your judgment and reduce productivity. We need to...

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Nutella – Stress Eating

Nutella Love it or hate it, but I can live without it. No matter how you view this sweet jar of goodness this crap is NOT healthy for you.  What I am about to tell you is SCARY, but true. If you love Nutella, I’m sorry because this post may upset you. (Storytime) I...

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Think Big, Be Grateful and Invest

This year has been a huge learning year for me. As I made the official switch from thinking like an employee to thinking like a BossBabe I have learned an ass-ton of lessons along the way. I want to take a few minutes to share these lessons with you in hopes they will...

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My Transformation

Has anyone ever felt like your mind, body, and spirit are stuck in some kind of rut? I would like to share some insight into my “transformation” story because there’s a lot more than just body composition that’s been transformed over the last 8 years. The photo on the...

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