Women Who BossUp

Secrets Of Success From Women Who Have Leveled Up

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“WOMEN WHO BOSSUP” profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficult situations, and or inspire change through relentless endeavors. Hailing from across the globe, diverse walks of life and varied disciplines including STEM, healthcare, finance, coaching and non-profit, “Women Who BossUp” is a welcome companion to any Boss or Boss in the making.

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Much of Karissa’s inspiration for helping others to overcome obstacles in their lives comes from overcoming her own setbacks and hard times. Childhood trauma, toxic relationships, obesity, divorce, and several years later a crippling autoimmune disease Karissa continues to “BossUp” and live her best life. After facing the hardship of the 2020 pandemic, she decided to rise up and start her journey of becoming a writer.

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“I believe that every woman has a story, a journey, and a purpose. We all experience setbacks, hardships, and struggles. As women, we can either choose to stay stuck or we can choose to boss up and live our best life! 

– Karissa Williams

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