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High pressure, tight deadlines, always on… high expectations!

The corporate world is FILLED with stressful deadlines, demands, never-ending to-do lists, goals and quotas. This fast-paced environment needs focused, engaged, healthy, happy and talented staff to be successful.

Executives, managers, and directors are hyped up on caffeine, sugar, and crappy processed foods just to make it through the day then drinking at night just to quite their mind and get to sleep. These professionals are working longer hours, traveling in and out of airports, and still trying to take care of their home life.

With the “Always on” mentality these employees are skipping meals, exercising less, sleeping…well never, stressing more and are… on the verge of burnout!

That’s where I come in…

As a Success Coach I have SURVIVED and THRIVED in the fast-paced challenging corporate world, I have firsthand real-life experience on how to transform people from surviving to thriving, both professionally and personally. It’s simple… When employees THRIVE, employers THRIVE!

“My passion is to help top performing women work smarter and live healthier lives.”


Corporate Coaching supports individuals and teams to find personal personal and professional success to create a more balanced approach for work-life balance – leaving you with a happier, healthier, productive team member.

Everybody is a winner!

As a success coach & motivational trainer, I’ll help your employees manage stress, live healthier and work smarter. 

“I help professional women THRIVE RATHER THAN SURVIVE in a fast-paced environment.”

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Living your best life in the Boardroom 

Covered topics:

Creating and obtaining powerful goals.

Nutrition and self-care for the go-getting busy professional.

Confidence and a stronger more resilient mindset.

Stop stressing and recover from burnout.

Improve time-management and prioritization skills.

Networking and building strong relationships.

Organization and de-cluttering.

Control information overload & overwhelm.

Learn to set boundaries and say YES to the important things.

Increase mindfulness, intention, and happiness.

“Join the movement of forward-thinking organizations who are factoring self-care into the equation!”

Creating an intentional culture of self-care not only helps each individual on your team to thrive, but it also saves your workplace valuable resources. Taking time to build a strong foundation of self-care makes your organization more attractive to the most talented new employees.



"I highly recommend Karissa! She is awesome!!! Me being a wife, mom with a toddler and starting a new company, each day is beyond packed. Karissa’s coaching gives me balance with accountability. She makes sure I am being the best me I can be, so I can also be there for all other aspects of my life. I have way more energy and focus now. Who couldn’t use their own personal cheerleader?! #365"


"Karissa is what I like to think of as a "Pull the Trigger" kind of coach!! She gives you the tools you need to build your confidence in yourself and your decisions, while also giving you a trusted push in helping you move forward toward your desired goal. She puts the time, effort, and hard work mixed with the perfect dose of compassion to be the best life coach that empowers you to be the best version of yourself .... she truly leads by example."


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