Ditch the Loser Mentality

Does this sound familiar? I’m too tired, I’m too sore. I don’t have enough skills. I don’t have the education or the training. I’m too fat. Who could love me? My personal favorite, I don’t have the time.

These are all excuses we make so that we feel better about not achieving our goals and successes.

I want to encourage you to ditch the loser mentality and develop a winner’s mindset.

What is a winner’s mindset?

  • It means being focused on yourself and not others.
  • It means having desire.
  • It means wanting more.
  • It means playing BIG.

A winner simply gives everything that they have in order to Achieve their goals and excel in life.

In order to create a winner’s mindset, you must:

  • Ignore the haters
  • Shut down the negative thoughts
  • Stop making excuses

I encourage you to let go of other people’s opinions and approval. You are the only person that needs to be OK with your lifestyle. You are the only person that needs to be OK with your behaviors and actions. And when you become OK with this you will be content and feel happiness and joy.

So, if you’re tired of making excuses day after day about why you’re not achieving your goals I would love to have a conversation with you.

March 26, 2020

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