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"I was trying to be everything to everyone (except myself) and I was failing! While trying to please everyone, I wasn’t focusing on those who needed it most: my family and ME."



You see, on the outside, I looked like a fun-loving, successful, go-getter who had her life in order. I was well-respected in my community and career, I had two awesome kids, and I had a husband who loved and supported me. But on the inside, it looked completely different.

As I struggled with finding true happiness, balance, and self-love, my weight got out of control. As my weight increased, everything else in my life suffered even more. I was depressed, ashamed of my body, had zero self-worth, and my confidence… let’s just say that it was fading away. 

My health and my self-care took a nosedive… I felt like my life was spiraling out of control.

I had a BIG life changing moment (thank goodness) while I was stationed in Germany with my family. That ah-ha moment sparked something inside me and pushed me to become a better version of myself. One pound at a time, I began to lose the unwanted weight and slowly took back my life. Three years later I found myself in a similar situation… but instead of my health it was my marriage.

That awesome career I had? It was eating me alive!

My Ah-mazing kids hardly ever saw their mama and when they did, I was super-stressed and not really present. The husband who loved and supported me? I’d neglected our marriage for so long that we had drifted apart and lost all connection. I was taking on even more at my job to distract myself from what I knew were major problems. I had become a full-blown workaholic.



Does my story sound familiar?

Imagine this, stepping onto the scale and finally seeing a number that you haven’t seen since your teenage years. Getting into a bikini and noticing that people are looking at you, not because you're overweight but because your six-pack is showing. Looking into the mirror and seeing a confident, sexy, woman that is killing it in her career. Ladies, this was me in 2018. My body was ripped, I was crushing career goals left and right, and I was getting noticed in my community for being a super fit badass professional. 

Now, you might be thinking… “Damn, skinny girl problems, I don’t even want to hear it”

But, you see ladies, though physically, I was in the best shape of my life, my mental, emotional, and spiritual health was shit.

Even though I had shredded body fat, looked lean as hell, and enjoyed the benefits of feeling like a queen in the community the constant “HUSTLE” and "always-on" mentality was killing me.

My stress levels were so high, that my health took another nosedive. I was losing a shit ton of hair on my scalp, my eyebrows were damn near gone, I was not sleeping at night because I had a hard time “shutting” off my brain. My energy was sustained only by a constant stream of caffeine which meant that I crashed hard the minute I got home from work.. I was always irritable with my kids and hubby. 

And if that wasn’t enough, my digestion was shit. Literally, I would go #2 like once every 8 days which made me feel bloated, fat, and nasty. All because I wasn’t listening to my body and was diving into work instead. I was a full-blown workaholic. The “hustle” and hard work that I believed created my worthiness was killing me. I became so consumed with hitting career goals, supporting my community, feeling like a fucking queen in the corporate world that I lost sight of what was once so incredibly important to me. My marriage, my kids, and my health again! UGH WTF 

Don’t worry, though, this all leads to a very happy ending. 

I am NOT the woman I once was, however, the old Karissa taught me lots and I am thankful and grateful for all the shitty days (haha...or not so shitty) that I went through. Let me tell you who I am today… 

Today, I am confident. I am sexy. I am strong. I inspire others. I take care of myself first. I am a badass bossbabe queen who is living her best life. I don’t want any of you to get to the place where I once was. (ashamed, defeated, depressed, negative, and settling for a mediocre life).

 I want every woman to feel empowered enough to follow her heart and rock her best life ever! I want every woman who struggles with food, energy, exercise and stress to have a plan of action. Helping women shed body fat, increase muscle tone, double their energy, and feel sexy as hell is my life’s work! I am here to tell you that achieving your health and wellness goals does NOT have to be complicated, stressful, or HARD. 

Ladies, I am here to tell you that change is possible. You really can have a healthy body, mindset, business, and THRIVING life. How do I know this? Because I am living freaking proof that you really can “Have it all” and babes, you deserve to feel like a badass queen, and in case nobody told you today, you are worthy and deserving of feeling good. 

It’s time to raise your standards, it’s time to ShowUp, BossUp, and THRIVE! Let’s do this! 

Karissa Adkins

Receives recognition in Entrepreneurs Herald

as a Top 20 Life Coach to look out for



"Karissa is an absolute Rockstar. I can’t begin to describe how much value I found in her coaching. The 12-week program Karissa offered was tailored to achieving my specific goals and she held me accountable to them. She guided me every step of the way. I know I can count on Karissa to be positive, encouraging, upbeat, honest, and firm when needed. Every week I felt like I had a breakthrough moment that allowed me to reach my goals. Thank you, Karissa, for allowing me to see what I am truly capable of with the right Mindset!"


"I have worked with Karissa for 12 weeks, and wow has it been great! I have never worked with a personal coach before this, and didn't know what to expect. But I can say it was like working with a kindred spirit every week that helps me uncover my goals and holds me accountable to going after them. As a working mama I always put myself last which left me feeling drained and uninspired. My sessions with Karissa gave me the tools to change my mindset and restructure my day without loading more "shoulda" or "to-do's" to my list. She is an inspiring woman who has been through it all and done the hard work herself. She will be your biggest cheerleader and a light to help you re-spark your own inner light!"


Kary Wurth BossedUp!




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