Nutella – Stress Eating

Nutella Love it or hate it, but I can live without it. No matter how you view this sweet jar of goodness this crap is NOT healthy for you.  What I am about to tell you is SCARY, but true. If you love Nutella, I’m sorry because this post may upset you.

(Storytime) I went many years without tasting that sweet chocolate cream that we call Nutella. My son would come home after school, grab the loaf of bread, a knife, and that jar of chocolate goodness. One slice, two slices, and sometimes yep he would even eat the third slice. I know, I can’t believe that I would allow a third slice. LOL

You may not know this about me, but I am not a huge chocolate lover. In fact, the thought of eating chocolate makes me sick. (Well not really sick, but I don’t crave it.) Until one day my son said, “Mom if you try a spoonful of Nutella I will try asparagus.”  So, what do you think I did…? I dug into the jar and tasted the sweet hazelnut cream and guess what…I loved it. From the moment on I could see why kids loved this stuff. I am not going to lie to you; there may have been a few times (six or seven, but who’s counting) that I dug my spoon directly into the Jar. (My bad)

I realized that if I continued to buy Nutella, I would always be tempted to eat it, and if I continued to eat it by the spoonful, I might become addicted to it, and if I become addicted to it… Wait this is starting to sound like the book called if you give a mouse a cookie…LOL, you get the idea.

Nutella is made up of over 70% sugar and palm oil. The largest ingredient is sugar, with more than 56% being sugar. Let me give you a visual to really nail down my point. (look below for the picture)

Sugar intake has increased drastically over the last 100 years, while diabetes-related deaths and diabetes normality rates have risen.

So, what’s the point of this story? The point is that I was an emotional eater and when things got tough I turned to the jar of goodness instead of asking myself

Who I was being?

Why I wanted to eat Nutella by the spoonful?

Why did I think Nutella would make me FEEL better and solve my problems?

Let’s talk briefly about what an emotional eater is: when someone eats something to chase after an emotion when they should really be eating based on what their body needs to survive.

Unfortunately, emotional eating is deeply rooted in our food culture today. By gaining awareness, mindfulness, and consciousness of our eating habits, behaviors, and the actual nature of the food we are eating, we can slowly break this link and unhealthy behavior. 🙂

No Bullshit, if you want to eat hazelnuts, buy actual hazelnuts. Hazelnuts that haven’t been roasted in tons of trans fat. If you’re going to eat chocolate, buy and eat real dark chocolate.

Today’s take-a-way: When we become aware of WHO we are being and WHEN we are eating, than we can start to address REAL issues. Which will HELP us cut back on the sugary treats, salty snacks, and mindless eating behaviors. Can we give ourselves permission to be who we really want to see in the mirror? Call me, message me, or text me if you’re ready to discover what’s been stopping you from achieving the body that you want to have.

January 1, 2019

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