Personal Drive, Passion, & Determination

by | Feb 19, 2018 | My Story


People ask me all the time where do I get my drive, my passion, and my determination…

When I sit and think about how to answer this question a few different people come to mind. First and most impactful, is my mother Glenda.  My mom taught me so many lessons before she passed away; in fact, she continues to teach me life lessons even though she isn’t around. (Funny how that works.)She taught me what passion looks like, how to work hard, how to be tough, to fight for what you want, to love and care for others, and how to be a great mom. You see she was more than a mom; she was my best friend, my boss and business partner in crime, and my inspiration. Not a day goes by that I don’t think “What would mom do?”

The second person that has helped shape who I am today is my husband, Nick. Nick is kind, patient, loving, forgiving, honest, supportive, and real. As you learn more about me and my personality, you will come to realize that he is the perfect fit for me. Nick is my rock and biggest supporter no matter what crazy idea pops into my head. He always tells me “to go for it” and “whatever makes you happy baby.”

I believe that when we surround ourselves with people who love, care, challenge, push, pull, and support you, the sky is the limit.  Along with that, believing that anything is possible as long as you set goals, stays focused, and hustle every day for what you want.

I hope that this blog encourages you to find and surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and what you are trying to achieve in life