Think Big, Be Grateful and Invest

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Motivation

This year has been a huge learning year for me. As I made the official switch from thinking like an employee to thinking like a BossBabe I have learned an ass-ton of lessons along the way. I want to take a few minutes to share these lessons with you in hopes they will help you level up in the way they helped me.

#1: Thinking small is a curse: If you’re going to dream and wish for things, then you should always dream big and follow your heart. Most of us are conditioned to think and dream small.  Living with a small mindset will never get you anywhere. It’s time to level up and start living life to the fullest. Do you know why I love 5-year-olds and old people? It’s because they don’t give a shit. 5-year-olds think and dream BIG. They don’t care what kind obstacles are in there way, they just act and follow their wants. Old people, well they’re funny, and they have realized that life is too short to care what others think. They say what’s on their mind no matter what.

If you want big things, then you need to do BIG things. If you’re wanting to be a millionaire than hang around other millionaires. If you’re tired of thinking small, well then quit hanging around small minded people.  I realized that if I wanted to be bigger, better and stronger (mentally and physically) than I needed to start thinking bigger, acting stronger, and being better. Bottomline I stopped thinking small, I stopped playing small.

#2: Being grateful is a game changer: Most of us walk around with the mentality that causes judgment, fear, and anger. When you rewire your mind to think about everything you are grateful for, it changes everything. I’m now thankful and blessed for every challenge, every struggle, and every lesson that has come my way. Without the hardships, there is no reward. When I changed my mind to be thankful and grateful things opened in so many ways for me. When I focus on the things that bring me joy, happiness, and love I tend not even to notice all the hate in this world.

#3: When all else fails, invest in yourself: I’m an action taker, and when I double down on myself, I always win. After all, my mind is wired to always focus on the win. I don’t even see the losses or the failure; I no longer fear the unknown.  I tend to focus on the possibilities that life offers. I’ve spent the last 8 years dedicated to living my best life. That includes taking care of my mind, body and soul. I truly believe that when you invest in yourself and give yourself permission to be happy and free than anything is possible.  

So I’m curious, when you look at the things that you did in 2018 what did you learn? Who have you become?

If you’re ready to think BIG, live life with gratitude, and or invest in yourself call me let’s make it happen in 2019.