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"We live in an “on-demand and always on” world and it’s easy to forget what the point of work is…. sound familiar?"


The ULTIMATE experience for purpose-driven women leaders who have big bold dreams and a world-changing vision.

This is where health, wealth, and impact meet together in an elite mastermind. BossUp Your Body & Bank Account is designed for results-driven Coaches, Speaker, Consultants, and purpose-driven leaders who are ready to BossUp their health and build their Empires.

BossUp Your Body & Bank Account is a 12-month mentorship and coaching program helping women create high-performing habits that allow them to create healthy routines, rituals, and boundaries so that they can BossUp to the next level of Awesomeness in life, health, and business.  

CEO and Founder of 365DailyHustle, Karissa Adkins is the #1 Mindset Mentor and a high-performance habit change coach who teaches her clients how to BUILD their Dream Bodies and Dream Businesses so that they can step into greatness. 

Karissa is on a Mission to empower 1 million women to BossUp their bodies, mindsets, and bank accounts in the next 365 days. BossUp Your Body & Bank Account was built for the women who are sick and tired of living with the negative talk inside their head, feeling unmotivated and depleted, living in a state of lack (no matter how hard you hustle), and never really reaching your health, life, and business goals. 


  • A 2-Day weekend retreat with Karissa upon completion of your VIP program

  • (10) 60-minute 1:1 VIP coaching calls 

  • (8) 90-minute group coaching sessions 

  • 365 Reclaim Your Best Life Health Curriculum (15 modules) 

  • Hardcopy of the Reclaim Your Best Life Workbook 

  • Karissa’s Recommended 3 Book Bundle 

  • Access to my personal cell for daily check-ins and support 

  • If you’re serious about taking your health from where it is to where you really want it to be - 

    the BOSSUP YOUR BODY AND YOUR BUSINESS will challenge and support you to achieve even your biggest of goals.

"At the beginning of the month I was starting to experience anxiety due to the corona virus & the effects within the stock markets. As a financial assistant, it's my job to stay positive & understanding with our clients. Working out with Karissa helps to release my pent-up anxiety, giving me the strength to concur my day ahead. It's only been a week and a half and already I feel so much better. In one week I can tell I'm getting stronger both mentally and physically. I can't thank you enough for being here. You are my daily motivation."


"About a month or so ago I was introduced to Karissa and was blown away by her passion and attitude towards life. It was inspiring just listening to her talk and share her wisdom that when leaving the conversation I was already feeling so empowered. I recently joined her group coaching program called Reclaim Your Best Self and am only a few weeks in, but I can already tell this program is powerful. I cannot wait to see what my future holds and what else I can learn from this beautiful lady. She is lighting a fire inside of me and I cannot be more thankful! PS....I GOT THE JOB!"


Kary BossedUp her life in 3 weeks




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